VIDEO: Driving a Lamborghini Countach LP400S


Even wonder what it’s like to drive a Lamborghini Countach?? We recently got the rare opportunity to burn some rubber in this supercar and decided to film it! Hope you enjoy our morning drive to Cars-n-Coffee Aliso Viejo, a production by Fugnetti Images and Emily Lockwood.

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  1. Edward Heinle

    Dennis & Katie, You do Excellent Work together. Dennis, I used to sell the Ferrari’s at Newport Imports and you used to come in with your Countach whenever you could. I think I told you quite a few times that I always liked the Lamborghini Countach’s better than the Ferrari’s. In fact once you knew that I recorded the 60 Minutes Lamborghini video with Morley Safer, you asked me to make a copy for you and because I had moved I had lost or misplaced the VHS tape. But there are at least 4 copies on YouTube, but the Very Best One that is the clearest of all of them is named – 1987: Lamborghini – posted by CBS. Here is the link if it comes through for you.
    I live back in the St. Louis, Missouri area where I grew up. I’m retired and never got married but was close a couple of times. Anyway my home number is (314) 423-8370 if you ever want to talk. Hey, the video is great of you and the Countach. Do you still have Miad Custom Photos?
    Ed Heinle

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